Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Making a New iPhone App in 2 days! Hell Yeah!

Ok, so I don't do this often, but I have been sitting on this app idea for a while now.
We all love Black & White photos don't we? Photographers and iPhoneographers sure do!

I had an idea to make a simple, powerful, yet free Black & White Photo app. So today
I started to make it. I will update this post as time goes by.

I started this morning at 8.30am (12 Dec 2012- DAY1). Here's what I got so far:


The app will have 5 or 6 buttons at the bottom on a toolbar.
My plan for buttons is:
1.Load photo
2.Color Filter tool
3.Other adjustment
4.Save photo about
6. (info?)

I won't be revealing any codes here (trade secret ;) ), but I'll just show some XIB file:

Hm. Still a lot of UI work. Coding are half done. I still need to do some adjustments
and tweaks, but more or less the main function are done.

And oh man.... I need to get started on the App Icon as well. Ga!
8.30pm DAY 1.

Managed to complete the app icon and some toolbar and intro page.
You can see a few more buttons need icon graphics.

So I have chose a name for it  - MonoPro. Simple and straight to the point.
Still having 2nd thoughts about the plain grey background. I think
I might use the built in backgrounds supplied by the iOS instead.

Code wise, nothing much. I've tweaked the Exposure tool. Looks a lot better now.
Another major thing to do (code wise) is addition of ads. The app is going to be free,
so, surely I need ads revenue so that I can eat pizza some day. I enjoy making apps,
but without pizza, i won't be enjoying much.

Next update post will be at 12 midnight. Stay tune!

1.29am DAY 2!!

Okay, I am late to update this. Sorry. I had something urgent to attend to
just now and had to delay my work for a while. Anyway, I intend on submitting
the app tomorrow anyhow!

So here goes.

App Icon is done.

Pretty simple but it totally match to the App Theme IMO (black and white!) The lense design is taken from my own camera (Nikon D5100). I just copy the design (roughly) in Inkscape. It works i think.

The app appearance during first run is as follows:

And after loading a photo, more tool buttons appear as they should.
As you can see, I've completed all the button designs.

The about page design is also done. However I haven't wired it to the about button.
And I also need to wire up all the actions needed in there.

Tomorrow's checklist:
1. filter adjusters panel box with custom slider graphics
2. about page operation
3. iad and admob ads integration
4. screenshots and description

Will I be able to complete the app before 12midnight tomorrow (local time)?
Stay tune! Meanwhile, I'm going to sleep since it's near to 2am now. Damn
this is tiring. o_O

9.19pm DAY 2!! GA!

Less than 3 hours left. I have done the ads, about page operation, tool panel box.

Test ad of iAd is up and running. Admob ad shows if iAd fails. Awesum.
So now, time to check for bugs and fine tune graphics and making screenshots/description.

Oh yeah, I mentioned I chaned the icon right? Here it is, added a simple stripes so it won't look
so plain.

Looks like I'm on track. See u soon App Reviewer. ;)

1:32am DAY 3......... :(

WTF. I thought I have this... but seems like bugs keeping me delaying the upload.
Damn bugs.

Anyway, I *think* I have solved it and rigorous testing shows everything is working
smoothly. So I'm uploading now!

Mean while, take a look of the final app:

I am happy with the quality. Hope u guys will enjoy this app. It's free too. Why free?

Mission Accomplish & Merry Christmas.

YAY! Thanks to those reading this post. It has been fun doing this sort of challenge for myself!


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